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Category: Managing XLH

Management for Children

By treating children, specialist doctors aim to improve the rate at which they grow, reduce their leg bowing, decrease bone disease and pain and increase their phosphorus levels.

Management for Adults

There are a number of treatment options for adults with XLH. A specialist doctor will aim to find the best approach for your particular symptoms.


Because XLH affects your teeth and gums, it's important to get your dentist’s support and stick to a good dental hygiene routine. Here we explain why and how.


Phosphate and calcitriol are prescribed to reduce bone pain and osteomalacia and improve healing. This section is about decisions you might face when taking phosphate and calcitriol long term.

Your healthcare team

Your healthcare team is there to guide and support you through your journey with XLH. This article explains the different roles of the professionals you may meet.

Support for parents

Although the thought of managing your child’s XLH may seem overwhelming at first, there is support and guidance available.

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