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Category: Health & Wellness

Beating fatigue

Fatigue is a well-known symptom of XLH. Learn more about what fatigue is, what causes it and ways to ease it.

Handling pain

You are not alone in dealing with pain that XLH may bring. There are a number of ways to ease XLH-related pain, and professional support is available too.

Exercise and healthy eating

A balanced diet and regular exercise can help to keep your body strong, flexible and energized, your weight at a healthy level and boost your mood too – all great news if you have XLH.

Your emotional wellbeing

When you have a condition like XLH it can be easy to focus on your body. But your feelings and how you're coping emotionally are every bit as important.

10 essential life tips

Here are 10 practical ideas to help make daily life with XLH that little bit easier! Why not try some today? Here goes…

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